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Solar Panel Cleaning

Clearview Cleaning Services offer a solar panel cleaning service


Why clean solar Panels when no one can see them? A dirty Solar panels can decrease performance and efficiency by up to 25-30% depending on the type of panel . As solar panels are always on the exterior it leaves them open to the elements. Debris from trees and plants , Bird droppings , dust, pollen, tree sap, dirty rain etc all contribute to an under performing solar panel. With increases to be found of up to 50% its is vital they are kept clean and in good working order. I would recommend doing a meter reading before and after the clean if possible to note the difference in power for your set up.

Safe solar panel cleaning The best and safest way to clean solar panels is Via a telescopic water fed pole system using purified water. Using the purified water prevents watermarks or lime scale spots from forming on the surface of the panel. The telescopic pole systems also know as Reach and Wash systems are often found with commercial window cleaning companies. If the solar panels are at height and no safe obvious form of access is available this is probably the best option.

How Often do I need to clean solar panels?

By keeping the solar panels as clean as possible, large increases in power can be made. It may also be cheaper to have them cleaned more often in order to produce more power and make greater energy savings.

The position of each panel will also dictate the amount of exposure to the elements.

Many manufacturers recommend cleaning at least every 10-12 weeks.

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